We strongly recommed that all parents of new students have a one on one consultation with Lorraine.

This will be in the form of a web based webinar that you can attend from any internet linked pc or mobile phone. A consultation can be scheduled by emailing us or contacting us via live chat, and typically lasts up to 30 minutes. All your questions will be answered and any pertinent information will be discussed.

If you wish to register or enrol, please do so online via our E-learning platform’s website

Tooltip –

A webinar is simply a web based meeting or chat, rather like a Whatsapp call. We will send you a link via email before our scheduled meeting and once you click on it at the time of our arranged appointment, you will be taken into our chat. (You may be asked to accept a download for the program to work) We can then chat as though we were in a phone call, except here you are not charged expensive mobile phone rates but only for data usage.

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