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The South African CAPS aligned curriculum up to grade 9 and then the GED aligned curriculum.

Our Life Skills Program offers skills not learnt at “school” including emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and more.

Please watch these 2 videos for information on what we offer.
If you require more detailed info, see the relevant webpages on our site.​

Cyber School Americas Overview

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Cyber School E-learning and E-library Platform

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All classes are taught in Spanish and those who wish to learn Spanish can start with our Flexi-time Spanish Partner Pro course and supplement it with additional live one-to-one or small group lessons taught by native Spanish speaking teachers.

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Harness Educational Freedom!

Make sure you exercise that freedom by learning in a way that works for you.

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The Past


Here is a phone from 150 years ago

…here is a modern day phone

Here is a car from 150 years ago

…here is a car of today

Here is a textbook of 90 years ago

…here is a textbook of today

…and here are the Cyber School “virtual” textbooks

Here is a classroom of 150 years ago

…here is a “non Cyber School” classroom of today

…and here are the Cyber School “virtual” classrooms

A Cyber School classroom means you can study from anywhere!

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