How to start working life?

We know that finishing the university period is an important step. The exams are over and you managed to obtain that title after years of study and dedication. You finished a stage, it is true, but now another begins that you must face in a different way.

No one teaches us how to approach the world of work, let alone how to reinforce those skills that will probably be vital when connecting with our first job. Our knowledge may be fresh and willing to contribute in a company that has vacancies, but today, where the requirements have increased, you must take your skills to another level.

Nothing gives more nerves than working for the first time and more if there is no experience. No one knows all of them and less if you are starting your working life. Stress and anxiety in this process can play tricks, while passion, security and determination can be points in favor.

Have you thought about taking courses, reinforcing languages, attending seminars or conferences? Everything can be useful if you want to enrich your curriculum in the first instance. That is your first letter of introduction and companies are demanding more from their applicants every day. The market is competitive and if you want to excel you must add and avoid resting on your laurels.

And it is that facing adequately requires special preparation depending on the place you are looking to be recruited.

For this reason, here are some tips for you to take into consideration so that you can properly prepare for that first successful job.

1. The first thing that cannot be missing is a summary of the professional profile, it serves so that the recruiter, since he has few seconds to select a person, can have a summary of both professional and educational trajectory for a person who is aspiring to first jobs.

2. If there are courses or studies that are different from the basic educational level of secondary education, university or institute, they can add to the profile and curriculum of the person, indicating date and place.

3. Learn from the company; Before presenting yourself for the job interview, study everything about the company you are in, what are the functions of the position you aspire to, identify your role within it.

4. Humility: people have a preconceived notion of who you are and they will question you. Being humble adds much more value to your definition as a person.

5. Curiosity: You should always be willing to research learning, even from people who have more time in the company, regardless of whether they have a lower position than yours.

We offer you a complete course to update your understanding and develop self-confidence and the right business attitude to start your new working life with a positive perspective!

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