We make use of our in-house E-Learning platform to conduct and deliver the classes.

Our in-house State of the Art E-Learning platform,
(Developed since October 2007 and is continually improved upon to ensure we deliver students a world class experience)
To watch a 8 minute introductory video about our E-learning platform click the image below:

The Virtual Classroom

This offers live, interactive teaching in real time. As a student, you will access this “classroom” everyday and attend your classes at pre-determined times according to your student timetable and the school term calendar.

The virtual classroom consists of a teacher that connects to the classroom interface, and at the same time, all registered students login and also connect to and join the classroom. The teacher then commences teaching. Some features include –

There are two types of Assessments; multiple choice and descriptive text input. Multiple choice means students will select one answer for each question and after completion, their overall results will be calculated in seconds. Text input means the teacher requires a text based answer for each question. This could mean a sentence, paragraph or more. These answers then have to be read and graded manually by the teacher and the results will only be available after that manual process has been completed.

During the year, you will be able to monitor and track your child’s progress via the Reporting Module. This ensures they never fall behind and any areas that may need extra attention can be attended to. Far better to correct an issue before it becomes a problem! With our system, you will know well ahead of time if there are any issues and will be able to take corrective action to sort them out during the year.

And that’s it! In our experience students have no difficulty in working with the online mediums of delivery and find it far more rewarding and interesting than traditional methods.

To summarize, each student will need –

Some students may require a scanner, depending on their grade and subjects. This will be to scan and email or upload projects or handwritten assignments. This will be addressed during the year by each subject teacher.

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