What is M-learning mobile learning?

Increasingly, the existing paradigms and barriers for the use of information technologies in learning are being demolished thanks to the development and evolution of man to take everything at his disposal and generate more and more new ideas, innovate and doing the impossible is possible: shorten distances, generate and express feelings, emotions almost in real time through digital means, carry out banking transactions from bed, buy a household item online or request a succulent dinner menu or simply order a taxi.

In this case, knowledge has not been the exception, on the contrary, it has been made available to everyone, making it accessible and completely free. It’s there, you just have to take it.

Today we are going to talk about one of the trends in Mobile Learning education. It is a relatively new way of teaching and learning. It allows students and teachers to create distance learning spaces using the mobile and the Internet.

Mobile Learning, or Mobile Learning, is understood as the integration of mobile technologies in the educational context. Communications through Instagram, Facebook, emails, YouTube videos, etc. enhance learning and is a form of mobile learning.

Students are very familiar with the medium, but teachers must teach them how to use it in educational settings.

Advantages of mobile learning

The use of Mobile Learning favors both the teacher and the student. This methodology reduces the time reserved exclusively for learning. It gives us autonomy thanks to portability.

How is the classroom favored? That having time, there is more space to update the content.

Generate content through videos, audio files, social media posts, blog posts… all focused on producing and sending content to classmates, engaging in dialogue, and enhancing learning for students. And, above all, involve them in the process.

The content is instantaneous, something fundamental in the era in which we move. It favors the cooperation between the student and the teacher.
It allows education to be taken to other places that are difficult to access. Those places where education and schooling are understood as a privilege could benefit from these contents, despite the fact that there are no schools or teachers.

Mobile learning is closely related to e-learning, that is, online education, thanks to the Internet. This training includes Tele-training, distance training and virtual teaching.

Tools in mobile learning

To promote the development of these digital skills, there are a number of tools that we will discuss below. These tools are part of Mobile Learning, but they are not exclusively of this methodology, but rather maintain the collaborative approach, use other methodological aspects and adhere to them:

Video classes: these are recorded classes with which students can remember or interact. They will normally have a short duration, favoring consumption on small screens and in short periods of time. Videos can be consumed both online, streaming or by downloading the video and accessing it offline.

Gamification: allows you to use fully digital games in the learning process. Mechanisms such as characters, punctuation, prizes and difficulty levels are used to make the games more dynamic.

Applications: With the new mobile and tablet applications, students can interact and combine leisure with learning through quizzes and multimedia content.

Digital books: they can be simple static PDF files or explore the maximum multimedia resources available on mobile devices, including reading, videos, audios, etc.

E-learning courses: Trainings developed according to mobility patterns, such as adaptation to small screens, which operate from virtual learning environments that are also optimized for mobile learning.

Academic social networks: available on mobile devices through applications, they have functionalities similar to these, but their main objective is interaction between users.

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