What is the GED and what is it for?

The GED (General Educational Development) is a group of four tests in different subjects. These tests are included to measure your proficiency in the standard high school subjects. When passed, they provide a certification that the student has the secondary level academic skills of the United States or Canada.

The GED test is designed for adults over the age of 16 who have not earned a high school diploma and are not currently enrolled in high school.

For current students who are considering dropping out of high school early, the GED test may also provide an alternative to graduation.

In the United States, 98% of colleges and universities that require a high school diploma accept the GED® credential and 96% of companies accept applicants with a GED® credential for jobs that require a high school diploma.

All fifty states in the United States officially offer GED® tests and have been written by over 17 million people and are offered through 3,400 test centers worldwide!

If you were unable to complete your high school, you can earn the GED certificate we offer!

Successful GED® certified graduates benefit from higher earnings, increased job security, better career opportunities, increased self-confidence, expanded options for skills development, learning, or college programs.

In addition, having a high school diploma or GED is part of the requirements of the immigration program, which will allow thousands of undocumented youth to regularize their immigration status in this country.

People who have a GED or a high school diploma earn more money than those who don’t. Get ready now!

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